Choose The Running Headband That’s Right For You

Jogging and running are two sports that have become very popular with women everywhere. Whether they are doing it for exercise or as a professional sport, they know that wearing the right gear when they run is important. It’s not just a fashion statement; the wrong type of gear can slow you down and defeat the reason for running in the first place.

Running headbands for women are sold in many pretty styles, so that they can be mixed and matched to just about any running outfit. Custom headbands designed per your own order are easily available, too.

Here are some specific things to look for when you buy a running headband.

Keeping Hair In Place

Running Headband1Runners can’t control the weather. Long hair or bangs can become a liability on a windy day, breaking your concentration when you would like to keep your mind on your running pace. Tying hair in a pony tail helps, but even this can’t remove the strays that get in your eyes. Any headband worn should be wide enough to fit over the top of the forehead and fit securely.

Running Headbands

No-Slip Headband

It’s irritating when headbands keep slipping down and have to be repositioned. You may want to look into bands that are advertised specifically as no-slip. These are based on your exact head measurements. To measure your correct head width, leave your hair loose. Wrap a tailor’s tape around the back of your head at the nape of your neck and bring the tape to the top of your forehead.

Keeping Foreheads Cool In The Summer

Although Running headbands are sometimes called sweat bands, wringing out a headband full of sweat isn’t very comfortable. To keep your cool on hot days, choose headbands in fabrics that will wick away the heat from your forehead. Nylon is inexpensive, but it is a poor choice for a very hot day. Lighter fabrics, such as cotton, will keep you cooler.

Warmth In The Winter

Many runners are so wild about the sport, they will keep running even on very cold days. If you run in temperatures below 30 degrees fahrenheit, you should choose a thermal headband, made of a warming fabric such as fleece. Because body heat is lost through the top of the head in the winter, you may also want to choose a headband that will be wider, so that it can cover the top of the head.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you when you run, and adjust accordingly. Choosing the right running headbands for women tailored to your own individual needs will help you to stay healthier and enjoy your sport more.